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JNTUK Lab External Exam Regular/Supplementary Timetable

JNTU Kakinada Examination Timetable. JNTUK Examination External Lab examinations Timetable schedule 1st Year, 2-1 Semester, 2-2 Semester, 3-1 Semester, 3-2 Semester 4th Year 1st Year, 2nd Semester Year wise examination Schedule timetable For B.Tech, B.Pharmacy Students, JNTUK Examination Board conducted laboratory examination For Regular, Supplementary Examinations. Official Timetable Postponed soon. For more information Visit Official website. JNTU Sent Official notification to Respective college principals, JNTU Affiliate colleges Arranged same Time-table for each year. All Timetable schedule posted here.

JNTUK Lab External Examination Regular/Supplementary Timetable Dates

JNTUK 1 B.Tech 1sT Semester Regular/Supplementary Timetable For Lab External Exams : 12-12-2015 To 19-12-2015

JNTUK 2-1 Semester Regular/Supplementary Lab External Timetable Dates - 14.12.2015 to 19.12.2015

JNTUK 3-1 B.Tech Regular/Supplementary Lab External Timetable Dates: 27.11.2015 to 02.12.2015

JNTUK 4-1 Semester Regular/Supplementary Lab External Timetable Dates 05.12.2015 To 10.12.2015

JNTUK B.Pharmacy 2-1 Semester Regular/Supplementary Advanced R13, R10, R09 Timetable For Lab External Exam dates - 11.12.2O15 to 19.12.2015

JNTUK B.Pharmacy 3-1 Regular/Supplementary Examination Lab Dates: 21.11.2015 TO 01.12.2015

JNTUK B.Pharmacy 4-1 Semester Regular/Supplementary Examination Dates External Lab Dates: 03.12.2015 To 08.12.2015

JNTU Kakinada External Lab examination Timetable Official Notification submitted to the controller of Examination office. JNTU Kakinada menioned all important dates regular, supplementary examination. For more details eligible students can check official website or contact espective college. This Timetable for R13, R10, R09 Students

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JNTUK B.Tech External Lab Exam Regular/Supplementary Timetable

JNTUK B.Tech 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year  Semester Wise 2-1 Semester, 2-2 Semester, 3-1 Semestre, 3-2 Semester, 4-1 Semester. 4-2 Semester Year wise Timetable Online Check Online. JNTUK B.Tech Results Semester Wise, JNTUK 2-1 Results, 2-2 Regular results, 3-1 Regular/Supplementary Results Online, 3-2 Regular/Supplementary Results Online, 4-1 Regular, Supplementary Results, JNTUK 4-1 Results, JNTUK 4-2 Results Online 

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JNTUK B.Tech Lab External Exam dates

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