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JNTUH B.Tech 2-1 Regular/Supply Results Check Online

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JNTUH B.Tech Second year results  2018 updates. JNTU Hyderabad going to release all examination results on time. Check online results first on net. JNTU Hyderabad Or JNTUH All Semester results will be available on official website JNTUH Results for all regulations R13, R09, R07 Results on time.

JNTUH 2-1 Regular/Supply Results

The students who written examination under June-August 2017 Academic Year students can apply Online. Results of Oct/Nov 2017 results will be available now. Checking various portals mirror links. The students of R16, R15, R13 Studnets can eaisly check their result through JNTUHRESULTS.In official websites.

Waiting is over. time to reveal all results first on net. The students can check their further results on time. check updates and details on time. 2-1 Sem results and regular/Supply results can be given on time. Students under JNTUH can check their JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Results under R13 , R09 and R07 regulations Checking results on time.

First attempt students can easily their results on regulation sie links. JNTUH Results now Jawaharlal nehru technological university hyderabad released notification. Most of the branch who wrotes their regular and supply results time. who are waiting for results. Following results will be going to be released on time JNTUH B.Tech results. 2nd year 1st semester R16, 2nd year 1st Semester Under R13 Supply examination results. Oct/Nov results on time. Checking various sites. Official website regular supply on examination results November 2017. JNTUH 2-1 results checking online

How to check JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester regular supply Results Online

to checking online jntuh results go to the official website of JNTUH Results. or provided direct link " ". click on the 4-1 semester regular results, supply examination results October/November 2017. enter your respective hall ticket number and click on submit button to check results. candidate must have registration number, 

More results

JNTUH 2-1 Sem (R16) Regular Exam Results, Nov/Dec 2017
JNTUH 2-1 Sem (R15) Supply Exam Results, Nov/Dec 2017
JNTUH 2-1 Sem (R13) Supply Exam Results, Nov/Dec 2017
JNTUH 2-1 Sem (R09) Supply Exam Results, Nov/Dec 2017
JNTUH 2-1 Sem (R07) Supply Exam Results, Nov/Dec 2017

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

JNTUK Lab External Exam Regular/Supplementary Timetable

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JNTU Kakinada Examination Timetable. JNTUK Examination External Lab examinations Timetable schedule 1st Year, 2-1 Semester, 2-2 Semester, 3-1 Semester, 3-2 Semester 4th Year 1st Year, 2nd Semester Year wise examination Schedule timetable For B.Tech, B.Pharmacy Students, JNTUK Examination Board conducted laboratory examination For Regular, Supplementary Examinations. Official Timetable Postponed soon. For more information Visit Official website. JNTU Sent Official notification to Respective college principals, JNTU Affiliate colleges Arranged same Time-table for each year. All Timetable schedule posted here.

JNTUK Lab External Examination Regular/Supplementary Timetable Dates

JNTUK 1 B.Tech 1sT Semester Regular/Supplementary Timetable For Lab External Exams : 12-12-2015 To 19-12-2015

JNTUK 2-1 Semester Regular/Supplementary Lab External Timetable Dates - 14.12.2015 to 19.12.2015

JNTUK 3-1 B.Tech Regular/Supplementary Lab External Timetable Dates: 27.11.2015 to 02.12.2015

JNTUK 4-1 Semester Regular/Supplementary Lab External Timetable Dates 05.12.2015 To 10.12.2015

JNTUK B.Pharmacy 2-1 Semester Regular/Supplementary Advanced R13, R10, R09 Timetable For Lab External Exam dates - 11.12.2O15 to 19.12.2015

JNTUK B.Pharmacy 3-1 Regular/Supplementary Examination Lab Dates: 21.11.2015 TO 01.12.2015

JNTUK B.Pharmacy 4-1 Semester Regular/Supplementary Examination Dates External Lab Dates: 03.12.2015 To 08.12.2015

JNTU Kakinada External Lab examination Timetable Official Notification submitted to the controller of Examination office. JNTU Kakinada menioned all important dates regular, supplementary examination. For more details eligible students can check official website or contact espective college. This Timetable for R13, R10, R09 Students

Read - JNTU Internal/External Exam Postponed Check Fresh Dates

JNTUK B.Tech External Lab Exam Regular/Supplementary Timetable

JNTUK B.Tech 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year  Semester Wise 2-1 Semester, 2-2 Semester, 3-1 Semestre, 3-2 Semester, 4-1 Semester. 4-2 Semester Year wise Timetable Online Check Online. JNTUK B.Tech Results Semester Wise, JNTUK 2-1 Results, 2-2 Regular results, 3-1 Regular/Supplementary Results Online, 3-2 Regular/Supplementary Results Online, 4-1 Regular, Supplementary Results, JNTUK 4-1 Results, JNTUK 4-2 Results Online 

Check - JNTU Online Bits
JNTUK B.Tech Lab External Exam dates

More Information About JNTUK

- JNTUK R13 B.Tech Timetable, JNTUK Lab Dates, JNTUK B.Tech Lab Schedule and JNTU Kakinada Lab External Dates Check Out Here JNTU University has Provided the JNTUK Lab Exam Final Schedule Posted Check out JNTUK Exam Timetable Online JNTUK, JNTUH, JNTUA University's & Affiliated Colleges by Timetable online

Sunday, 15 November 2015

JNTUH Online Bits For Civil Engineering Students R13, R09 Download

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JNTU Online Bits For 2015-2016 Academic Year Students, R13, R10, R09 Students JNTU Online Bits Available Now JNTU-Hyderabad, JNTU-Kakinada, JNTU-Ananthapur Online Bits For Civil Students Online. Check Out Model Papers, Previous Questions Papers JNTU Students Online Model Sample Papers 2015, JNTU Online Bits 2016 For CivilDepartment Students. Here Provided Semester Wise Online Bits Courses Wise. JNTUH Online Bits, JNTUK Online Bits, JNTUA Online Bits For Hyderabad, Kakinada, Anantapur Students R09, R10, R13, R07 Regular/Supplementary Results

JNTUH Online Bits For Civil Engineering Students Download PDF R13, R09

JNTU 2nd Year 1St Semester, 2nd Semester Online bits Available Now, Download JNTU 2-1 Semester online Bits, JNTU 2-2 Semester Online Bits Now, Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University 2-1 Semester, 2-2 Semester Second Year Online Bits Previous Question Papers, Model Papers, Sample Papers Online Now, Just Check Out Now. JNTU 2nd Year Online Bits, JNTUH Online Bits, JNTUK Online, JNTUA Online its Much Helpful To Engineering Students, JNTUH Online Bits Subject Wise Provided Here  Electrical & Electronics Engineering Course 4-Years Programme Online Bits available Here, Check Out And Download here

Probability & Statistics
Strength of Materials
Building Materials and Construction
Fluid Mechanics
Surveying Field work
Strength of Materials Lab

Check JNTU-Hyderabad 2nd Year 2nd Semester Online Bits Download PDF, JNTUA Online Bits, JNTUK Online Bits Now JNTU-Hyderabad 2nd Year 1st Semester, 2nd Semester online bits now. Engineering 4-Years Course

JNTUH 2-2 Semester Online Bits Syllabus

Building Planning & Drawing
Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis
Strength of Materials
Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery
Concrete Technology
Structural Analysis
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab
Concrete Technology Lab
Surveying Field work-II

Download JNTU Hyderabad R13, R07, R09 Courses Wise 1st Semester, 2nd Semester Online Bits Sample Papers, Previous Models, This Previous Papers are Much Useful For who are Preparing For GATE Entrance Examination. As Per Expects Information Minimum 10% Questions Models Covered From Online Bits Multiple choice Questions, Choose a Choice Fill blanks Questions Gets Super Response at GATE Previous Questions Papers

JNTUH 3-1 Semester Online Bits Syllabus

Engineering Geology
Structural Analysis
Design and Drawing of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Geotechnical Engineering
Transportation Engineering
IPR & Patents
Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Engineering Geology Lab

Download JNTU 3-1 Semester Online Bits, JNTUH 3rd year 1st Semester, 2nd Semester Online Bits, JNTUH 3rd Year Online Bits, JNTU Ananthapur, Karimnagar, Kakinada Question Papers Online

JNTUH 3-2 Semester Online Bits:

Design and Drawing of Steel Structures
Geotechnical Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Transportation Engineering

Also Check - JNTUH Online Bits Mechanical Engineering

JNTUH 4-1 Semester Online Bits:

Environmental Engineering
Prestressed Concrete
Construction Technology and Management
Water Resources Engineering–II
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications

JNTU Sample Papers, Model Papers, Question Papers Multiple Choice Questions, Fill Blank Tyoe question PDF Files Available Here, Stay Tuned here For more Information Checkout latest information about JNTUH Online Bits 

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JNTUH B.Tech 1st Year Recounting/Revaluation Results May 2015 JNTUHRESULTS.IN

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JNTUH B.Tech 1st Year Recounting/Revaluation 2015 Results  For Regular/Supplementary Results Online Checkout today detailed information available at official website Engineering JNTUH Results R13, R10, R09, R07 Regular Results online for academic year 2015-2016 students, Supplementary examination results for 2014-2015 Results Online. Engineering students results for Online For B.Tech Engineering Professional/Technical Courses for ECE, CSE, MECH, IT, Civil and Mechanical department results online for B.Pharmacy, Engineering and Management courses online Conducting results for graduate examination results for every year

JNTUH B.Tech 1st Year Recounting/Revaluation R13 Results May 2015

Every year JNTUH Officially conducted examination for B.Tech/M.Tech/B.Pharmacy/MBA/MCA Courses results for regular R13 Results Supply Recounting/Revaluation results for 2015 JNTUH B.Tech 1st Year RC/RV Results for 2015-2016 Academic Year students online. JNTU Responsibility to hold examination and provides results online. The Board responsibility for providing results and supply examination timetable online courses affiliate engineering colleges and provides standard education system for the graduate and post-graduate programmes Results online for 2015-2016 Academic year students results online Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University have been declared by JNTUH Recounting/Revaluation Results Online Checkout Today. Applied candidates and students can check results through official website. Here provide direct link for JNTUH Results Online. B.Tech First year examination successfully in the month of May 2015 Checkout Results Online. recounting and revaluation Results


How To Check JNTUH B.Tech 1st Year Recounting/Revaluation Results May 2015 :

To Get results Online follow below steps. here provided detailed information to get results fast and results first on net. jntuh results. step by step process to get results easily. and download jntuh results online
Go to web browser use Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Internet explorer for better experience.
Search Results for "JNTUH Recounting/Revaluation 1st year results" Online or Visit direct link
Click On Respective JNTUH Results Online
Enter Valid hall ticket number, Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) format online
After that click on get results online
Submit it.

stay tuned for more information, latest jntuh results, timetable online, regular, supplementary timetables for online To save results online click on ctrl+d shortcut or save results page online. to bookmark us click CTRL+D Shortcut.

JNTUK Internal/External Exam Timetable Postponed dates 25-09-2015 Bakrid Festival

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JNTU-Kakinada Examination internal/external exam dates 25-09-2015 postponed. on ocaasion of Bakrid festival. examination for 2015-2016 academic year students well prepared for examinationsof 25th of september 2015 On Friday. Official declaration BAKRID Holiday Festival Examination postponed to particular date. Jawaharlal Nehru university Internal/External Examination scheduled on 25.09.2015 postponed dates. resceduled dates same timings full detailed timetable posted here. JNTU-Hyderabad internal/external examination regulation advanced regular/supply examination are postponed examination for same times. Course and Semester wise mid examinations internal exams/external examination scheduled postponed dates

JNTUK Hyderabad Regular/Supplementary Exams Postponed Dates Timetable 2015

2-1 B.Tech Semester R13 1st Mid Examination Scheduled Date of Examination 25-09-2015 (Friday) Postponed reschedule to 29-09-2015 (Tuesday)

2-1 R13 1st mid examinations Scheduled date of examinations 25-09-2015 Friday postponed to 28-09-2015 Rescheduled due to Bakrid Holiday

3-1 B.Tech R13 1st Mid examinations of ECE  - 25,09.2015 Postponed to 28.09.2015

3 B.Tech CCC Supplementary Examinations 25-09-2015 Posponed to 20-10-2015 (Thursday)

Official declaration For more information about postponed scheduled dates contact adminstration office. college address and principal of the constituent affliated colleges to communicate to students official website JNTUK Internal/External Examinations scheduled on 25.09.2015 are postponed Regular/Supply Examination Detailed Postponed dates. Updates. Internal MID Exams Semester Examinations Online External examination supplementary/regular exams postponed dates exclusive information. JNTU Hyderabad Postponed exams dates, JNTU Kakinada exams postponed examination updated information Jntu-Ananthapur Information Postponed dates

JNTUK 1st Year postponed dates | JNTUK 2-1 Semester Postponed exam dates | JNTUK 2-2 Semester Internal external postponed examination updated dates | JNTUK 3-1 Semester IIIrd Year examination postponed dates | JNTUK 3rd year 2nd semester postponed exam dates | JNTUK 4th 1st semester postponed regular/supplementary results online for 2015-2016 academic year results online JNTU-Hyderabad , Ananthapur 4th year 1st semester, 2nd semester postponed dates. sometimes results also postponed from actutal dates.
JNTUH Examination Timetable, jntuh examination online timetable pdf download, subjects code books, jntu supply timetable, jntuh regular examination timetables, postponed dates

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

JNTU - Hyderabad Hostel GIRLS Drinking Having Fun ( BEER ) Shocking Video..!! Watch Video

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JNTU - Hyderabad College Hostel Girls having fun at hostel room. with girls. watch videos when im watching first time. im shocked. after completed watching full video. its really shocked. girls having fun in hostel room. Jawaharla nehru technical university college girls shocking videos. JNTU-hyderabad Provides High Quality Education not such type of non-sense really shocking..  Its happens only in hyderabad. now not all, JNTU- Hostel campus girls room information and education. parents thinks about our childrens are learn new things good steps to forward new. new step to move to forward But children doing such type of non-sense. drinking beer and tasting stuff mango pickle. we can observe full details clean hd pics videos shows everything in videos. 12 girls making/having fun in hostel room

Tags : Hostels in Ameerpet, JNTU-Hostel campus, girls hostel in ameerpet, JNTU Girls hostel campus, free hostel for girls, Ameerpet girls hostel, Hostel in hyderabad, JNTU Free hostel rooms, photos, jntu campus girls hostel, College information contact details online

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JNTU Online Bits For Mechanical Engineer Students For (R13, R10, R09, R07) ME 2015-2016 Download

Thursday, 17 September 2015

JNTU Online Bits For Mechanical Engineer Students For (R13, R10, R09, R07) ME 2015-2016 Download

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JNTU Online Bits For Mechanical Students Online Here Provided Best Simple Tips and Crack Online Bits internal Examinations Easily. Just Get Touch With Us stay connected for more official news. online bits for you online bits for mechanical students and it workshop and virtual labs online models financial economics and engineering drawing online bits for every subjects all for all subjects

JNTUH 1st Year Online Bits For Mechanical Students :

English – II
Mathematics – II (Mathematical Methods)
Mathematics – III
Engineering Physics
Professional Ethics and Human Values
Engineering Drawing
English - Communication Skills Lab - II
Engineering Physics Lab
Engineering Physics – Virtual Labs -
Engg.Workshop & IT Workshop

Syllabus Covered Topics and JNTUK 1st Year Online Bits, JNTUK 2nd Year Online Bits, JNTUH 1st Year Online Bits With Answer Pdf File download, JNTUA Online mid Examinations Semester Wise Internal Examination Papers, Previous Model papers Online Just Watch Today, JNTUK Online Bits, JNTUA Online Bits For 1st Year Students mechanical students online answer. JNTUK Online Bits Syllabus, JNTUH Results Online Bits Download Previous Paper, Download Model Papers Online For first Year students online internal mid examinations

JNTU 2nd Year - 1st Semester Online Bits For Mechanical Students :

Metallurgy & Materials Science
Mechanics of Solids
Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Computer aided Engineering Drawing Practice
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg. Lab
Mechanics of Solids & Metallurgy lab

JNTU 2-1 Semester Onlibe Bits, JNTUH Online Bits For 2-1 Semester Year Wise Results Online, JNTUK Online 2-1 Semester, JNTUH Online 2-1 Semester Mid Internal Examinations Online, With Answers, BIts Multiple Choice Questions and Simle Fill In Blanks Questions For JNTUH Students Just Checkout today Online for 2015, 2016, 2017 Students, Academic year students online versions Answer Paper with PDF Download Online
jntu online bits

JNTU 2-2 Semester Online Bits For Mechanical Engineering Students (ME)

Kinematics of Machinery
Thermal Engineering -I
Production Technology
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic machinery
Machine Drawing
Fluid mechanics & Hydraulic machinery Lab
Production Technology Lab
Thermal Engineering Lab

JNTU 2-2 Semester Online Bits, Multiple choice Subject wise questions, Online Mode internal marks fill in blanks questions JNTU 2nd Year 2nd semester online question download pdf online version questions download onlie bit, jntuh 2-2 semester online bits, jntuk 2-2 semester online bits and available at site official information details available here

JNTU 3-1 Semester Online Bits For Mechanical Students (ME) 

Dynamics of Machinery
Metal Cutting & Machine Tools
Design of Machine Members–I
Instrumentation & Control Systems
Thermal Engineering -II
Metrology & Instrumentation Lab
Machine Tools Lab
IPR & Patents

JNTUH 3-1 Semester Online bits, Pdf download pdf file for 2014,2015,2016, 2017 students and R13, R10, R09, R07 Academic Year student can download online free version Semester Online Mid internal examinations Online, JNTUK 3-1 Semester Online Bits For all Students Mechanical Engineering subjects

JNTU 3-2 Semester Online Bits For Mechanical Engineering Students :

Operations Research
Interactive Computer Graphics
Design of Machine Members– II
Heat Transfer
Industrial Engineering Management

JNTUH 4-1 semester online Bits, JNTUK 4-1 Semester online Bits Download Previous Papers, Model Papers Online subjects For all academic year students online, for 2015-2016 academic year students

JNTUH 4-1 Semester Online Bits for Mechanical Engineering Students :

Automobile Engineering
Finite Element Methods
Unconventional Machining Processes
Open Elective
Departmental Elective – II
Simulation Lab
Design/Fabrication Project

JNTU 4-1 Semester Online Bits For ME Students 2015-2016 Year

Production Planning and Control
Green Engineering Systems

JNTUH Onlibe Bits Download Available, and, Jntuk Online bits 4-2, JNTUH 4-2 Online Bits Download Available at or Download Previous Files model papers download online